Novedades: The history of the English Language

The time: from about 5000 BC to the twenty-first century and beyond. The place: a distant corner of southern Russia, the railways of the United States, the Caribbean farms where sugar is grown, an airport in Japan, the chat rooms of the Internet- and almost every place in the world today. The machines: the printing press, TV, the mobile phone, the computer. The people: Celtic travellers, Viking invaders, French landowners, kings, business people, writers, singers, and millions of people like you or me.

Bring them all together, and you have the history of the English language, with its changing grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary. It´s a story without an end, that involves millions of people. Some helped to shape the language of the past, and others are making the English of the future. And one of those people is you…

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