Novedades: English in Films: For advanced students. English as a Second Language

English in Films is a series of classroom exercises for teachers of English as a Second Language for study at home students. The movies have been carefully selected for their language and cultural value in learning and improving one’s English–vocabulary, listening, conversation, writing, grammar and American culture. Our approach is to have fun while learning and to learn in a multidimensional way. Answers are provided, and the packets may be copied and edited for non-commercial use.

Each film is broken into roughly 15-minute segments, which are divided into sections for vocabulary development, listening, writing, discussion and testing. Before watching the film segment, the student works on vocabulary words listed in the order they appear in the film. There is a matching or multiple choice exercise followed by fill-in-the-blanks sentences. For visual learners a drawing section is included. Answers are provided.

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