Novedades: An Illustrated History of the USA

This is a companion volume to «An Illustrated History of Britain». It traces the history of the USA from the time of the Amerindians arrival of the Europeans colonial life beginnings; puritan New England; colonial life in America; the roots of revolution; fighting for independence. Part 2 A new nation: forming the new nation; years of growth; west to the Pacific; north and south; the civil war; reconstruction. Part 3 Years of growth: miners cattlemen; farming the Great Plains; the Amerindians’ last stand; inventors and industries; the golden door; reformers and progressives; an American empire. Part 4 Twentieth century Americans: a war and a peace; the roaring twenties; crash and depression; Roosevelt’s New Deal; the arsenal of democracy; prosperity and problems; black Americans. Part 5 Superpower: cold war and Korea; a balance of terror; the Vietnam years; America’s back yard; an end to cold war?; the American century.

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